Virus.DOS.Zorm or Zorm is a virus that runs on MS-DOS Operating System.


Zorm is memory resident parasitic encrypted virus. They search for executable files, then write themselves to the end of the file.

Zorm.643 and 648 infect EXE files only, Zorm.1123 infects both COM and EXE files. Zorm.1123 deletes the antivirus database files:


The viruses do not manifest themselves in any other way. They contain the text strings:

"Zorm.643,648":  (c)zorm-a,from dr L.

"Zorm.1123":     (c)Zorm-b by Dr.L

Zorm.1404 infects COM and EXE files that are executed. It also creates the file dropper WIN.GPF in the current directory, and appends to the end of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file the instructions that rename this file to A.COM, and execute the A.COM file.

The virus contains the text strings:

KZorm-c01 (c) DrL. From France.July/December 98

I hate holidays,Marie M comes back!

Zorm.1863 is an encrypted and stealth parasitic virus. It contains the strings:

KZorm-d1.8 (c) DrL. From France.FEB 99

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