Yerg, also known as UFO, is a worm on Microsoft Windows that uses an .EXE file extension.


Yerg, when first run, launches a fake Microsoft Paint application. Once Yerg is run, the worm infects the system and infects any files that the user runs after Yerg.

On the 18th of any month, the virus's payload activates. When the virus is run again, it displays a message:

"W32.UFO... The Truth is out there

W32.UFO .. The ALiens are Among us

Flying around the night sky in their UFO

Snatching people up, Shoving things inside there dong

the short little guys with the big black eyes from a galacy far away

and now the UFOs are on your PC!!! many of them, is UFO INvasion


After this message, the worm launches the paint program as usual, but the program changes its icon and the cursor to a UFO. It will also open up in Internet Explorer.

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