Yahoo! Login (Scam) is a scam which tricks users into logging in and possible locks user out from Yahoo!. Sometimes Fake Yahoo! login scams can be found in emails which tricks users into thinking that user's account has been blocked or suspended.


There are multiple methods that scammers use to make sure that this scam can get to the user. Tabnabbing is an example, but a more used method is where users will receive an email that states that their Yahoo! account has been suspended or disabled, and they need to click a login link to continue. Once the user selects the login link, they will be sent to a fake login mimic of the Yahoo! website. If the user enters their credentials in, their credentials will be stored and the account would be logged into by the scammers, and information could be leaked, etc.


There are many reports of fake Yahoo! login scams. They have been broadcasted from many news such as FOX news and BBC.

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