ÿ (pronounced "oof"), previously codenamed OIETIF is a Trojan for Microsoft Windows created by Leurak. The trojan is currently unreleased.

Similar to CIH, the trojan includes a hardware-destroying functionality.

Like many pieces of Leurak's malware, it is split into two parts, of which the first one creates a bunch of effects to the running system, while the second part later on boots up a custom kernel as its final payload.



This describes the payload of the original proof of concept shown by Leurak in his OIETIF video.

When run, the trojan immediately overwrites the user's MBR with its second payload. After a few seconds, it reboots the user's computer. After rebooting, it displays a simple "Please wait..." message, while slowly destroying supported parts of the hardware in the background. Once it's done, it displays a final message and halts the CPU:

You just got OIETIFed. Game Over.


If the exploit was compatible, the machine would not start anymore once it's shut down.


This describes the current state of the trojan after getting renamed to ÿ by Leurak.

The renamed version was first shown in July 2019 by Vinesauce Joel during his annual Windows Destruction series.

It features corruption-like random audiovisual effects on Windows and a completely reworked final payload, allowing the user to recover the machine after beating 8 hours of DOSert Bus, a simple VGA graphics remake of Penn & Teller's Desert Bus game.


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