Winhound is a rogue antivirus on Micosoft Windows. It is one of the Innovagest 2000 products like AlfaCleaner. It was promoted by malicious websites.


When WinHound is executed, it performs the following actions:

  • The desktop background will be changed to an image that claims that there is spyware on the user's computer.
  • It can also add value to modify the permissions of the Web sites each security zone in Internet Explorer.
  • It can add the value as an infection marker.


Uninstalling Winhound under Control Panel may sometimes work, Using any Antivirus Software can remove any registry values related to Winhound. If the user's desktop is hijacked by Winhound. Using any antivirus can also fix the issues.


Big Virus Infection!

Big Virus Infection!

Winhound on Symantec
Winhound in 2017 & Desktop Hijacker DANGER SPYWARE

Winhound in 2017 & Desktop Hijacker DANGER SPYWARE

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