Windows Police Pro is a rogue antivirus on Microsoft Windows.


The user downloads the rogue as a .zip file, with extracting. The program then appears, runs a fake scan, and like other rogues, tells the user their computer is infected with malware which in reality they don't have. When the user clicks "Remove Threats" a browser then opens up, then making the user pay for it to remove threats, but is more of an excuse to get the user's money. During the fake scan, it plays pig noises. In the page, it claims to be 5 stars on websites. It can block programs from running too. Also, the program says that to be able to remove the threats you must buy the full version, as mentioned above, or insert an activation code.


This malware started to get recognition when the popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Vinesauce Joel released "Windows 10 Destruction", in which he showcases it.


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