This article is about the Windows version. For the Mac version, see Mac Tonic.

Win Tonic is a Potentially Unwanted Program  advertised as a system optimizer.


When the program is installed and run, it detects a large number of issues on the system, usually over 100. It will fix a limited number of issues for free, but requires payment to fix all of them. Win Tonic is bundled with free software that is downloaded off the internet, or can be found on its own.

Some versions of Win Tonic include the phone number of an Indian call center. When this number is called, the 'technician' will attempt to activate the software with a code before forwarding the caller to another individual who will perform a standard Tech Support Scam.


The user may uninstall Win Tonic through the Add or Remove Programs page within Control Panel. Alternatively, Malwarebytes "removes Win Tonic completely". It is recommended to run an antivirus scan after removal, to ensure that no other malware was installed alongside the program.

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