WebDiscover is a browser that supposedly allows users to surf the Internet directly from the desktop and enables various features such as VPN, music streaming, media play, weather forecasts, etc. - "The WebDiscover browser seamlessly integrates your favorite Chrome features and settings into one convenient tool to search the web... all from the comfort of your desktop." Since this app is based on Google Chrome and has the same User Interface, it may seem legitimate and useful, however, it is categorized as adware and a potentially unwanted program (PUP). WebDiscover often installs on systems without users’ consent (one of the reasons for these negative associations). Furthermore, this app monitors Internet browsing activity, displays ads, and may cause unwanted browser redirects. it also has been hated by many people because it is considered as adware.


Once installed, WebDiscover positions a URL bar on the top of the screen that opens the browser once a website address is entered. If the user attempts to search the Internet, WebDiscover firstly redirects to the website, and then to the Bing search engine. In addition, the bar at the top of the screen cannot be closed. WebDiscover may display various intrusive online advertisements including, for example, in-text links, and coupons. These commonly redirect to e-commerce websites such as online stores, however, they may also redirect to bogus websites, thereby causing high-risk computer infections like viruses for example. Furthermore, this application collects various Internet browsing-related information including websites visited, pages viewed, search queries, and other similar details that can contain personally identifiable information. This gathered information is later shared with third parties and could be misused. Therefore, having an information-tracking app installed on your system can lead to serious privacy issues or even identity theft. You are strongly advised to uninstall WebDiscover from your system.

There are hundreds of PUPs similar to WebDiscover - all adware-type apps offer features to significantly improve the Internet browsing experience. These claims are mere attempts to give the impression of legitimate and useful software. In fact, apps such as SpeedGuard, Best Price Ninja, and Kellystoys are designed to generate revenue for the developers by displaying advertisements and collecting personally identifiable information. Adware-type apps provide none of the features promised.

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