Virus.DOS.Walker is a memory resident parasitic virus on DOS. It is so named because every 2 seconds it shows an old man from the video game Bad Street Brawler walking across the screen.


When the virus is loaded into memory, it hooks INT 10h, 200h and infects any executable file that is run by a standard manner. The virus may remove itself from the infected files in some cases.

Advanced details

The TSR memory usage is 667 bytes.


Once the virus activated, it displays a moving man from a DOS port of Bad Street Brawler by Beam Software Pty., Ltd in every 30 seconds approximately, at this moment all inputs by the user would not be reflected onto the screen until the man is left.

If the user loaded a graphical program when the virus is in memory, it might hang the system.


Walker virus in action

Other details

This virus contains the internal text string:

WALKER V1.00 - This absolutely harmless and selfdestructive program is written by UJHPTTLZ in the city of Istanbul, 1992







The Walker virus re-review by danooct1 which contained the Groove image, stating that he "would not take any chances with YouTube".

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