VenomRAT is a RAT based on QuasarRAT and advertised on hackforums.

This RAT is a revamped version of infamous Quasar RAT, most likely based on this fork. Following new commands where added:

  • DoInstallVNC
  • DoInstallRDP
  • DoStealer
  • DoRemoveVnc
  • DoRemoveRdp
  • GetVncInfo
  • GetRdpInfo
  • GetAllPasswords

On top of that an rootkit was added to help hide malicious software. This adds following capabilities to already extensive list of what Quasar RAT can do.

  • Rootkit hiding processes and files
  • VNC connection
  • RDP connection
  • Generic Stealer

It claims that it has these functions:

  • Keyloger
  • Stealer
  • UAC Bypass
  • Password Recovery (sealing)


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