The V2000, or Dark Avenger II, virus is a memory resident generic file infector. 


V2000 will infect .COM, .EXE, and Overlay files, as well as COMMAND.COM.  When the first infected file is executed, the virus installs itself memory resident, and then infected COMMAND.COM if it has not already been infected. Then, when an executable file is opened for any reason, it is infected if it hasn't been previously infected Increased file lengths will not be shown if the V2000 virus is present in memory when a DIR command is issued. Issuing a CHKDSK /F command on infected systems may result in cross-linking of files since the directory information may not appear to match the entries in the file allocation table (FAT). Systems infected with the V2000 virus will experience unexpected system crashes, resulting in lost data.  Some systems may also become unbootable due to the modification of COMMAND.COM or the hidden system files. One of the following two text strings will appear in the viral code in infected files, thus accounting for the alias of Travel virus used in Bulgaria: 

              Zopy me - I want to travel
              Copy me - I want to travel


Delete the infected files.

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