I haven't done a proper announcement/update in around two and a half years. I decided that I'd try to do an update.

Staff arrivals

First, I'll start with new staff arrivals, which have been numerous. (Most of these promotions occured several months ago, but this is simply for documentation purposes):

We now have 7 administrators and 2 moderators. If you wish to nominate yourself, or another user, for any role, please see this page.

Translation Project

We have launched a project to expand Malware Wiki to languages beyond English. Currently, we have a German (Deutsch) wiki, an Italian (Italiano) wiki, and an Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) wiki. Translators for these projects, preferably with a decent level of fluency in the target langauge, are welcome. Other language versions, primarily French and Spanish, have been planned.

Please note that machine translation is generally discouraged, if there is no-one else to check and proofread the translation. This is due to the fact that machine translations can be inaccurate, and are difficult to verify by an individual who has little to no fluency in the target language. It is, of course, permissible if there are individuals to proofread the translations.


We now have a Discord. For those who don't know, Discord is essentially an alternative to TeamSpeak/Skype, which can be used as a better substitute for Wikia's chat. All the rules that apply to the wiki, apply to the Discord channel, so please keep that in mind. If you wish to join the Discord, either see the sidebar, or click this link. Feel free to pop in to say hi!

Anyone is free to suggest modifications or additions, or ask any questions, in the comments.

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