FANDOM is a browser-hijacking application developed by Kinner Lake Limited – a Gibraltar-based company.


Once inside the machine, virus starts performing a variety of changes, including the ones that modify users' homepage and a new tab, along with the search engine. From that point, users are forced to browse via the hijacked engine, which typically shows them fake search results that include a colossal amount of sponsored links, deal with redirects to questionable websites, and suffer from the slow operation of the browser.

Once the changes to the installed browsers are made, starts its shady activities by displaying sponsored content, placing a layer of ads on most sites, exposing to altered search results, and also tracking users' web browsing activities. This is done with the help of tracking technologies, such as Beacons or Cookies. This information-gathering allows developers to gather the following information:

  • technical information transmitted by the user's device such as type of operating system, device type, default browser;
  • their aggregated use of the Software;
  • usage statistics;
  • language and the time stamp;
  • approximate geographical location.

This data is collected in order to generate personalized ads, but these are always coming from the affiliates. 

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