Totmania is the adware-type virus which has mostly been bothering iPhone users. Technically, it is a technique used to drive users' traffic to a specific domain without their consent. In this case, it has been misused against iPhone users to redirect them to various commercial sites and infect their devices with additional PUPs/trick them into revealing their personal information/etc. 


The message that delivers a link to Totmania net also displays the following text:

     This is weird but try it?

I'm going to send you a link that they 
just sent me. DON'T open it until you 
send it to 10 people. then open  it and 
you will see the person that loves you 
the most. but first you have to send it 
to 10 friends, if you don't nothing will 
show up: Its  weird.

Who was ur person?

While from the first sight it seems that Totmania does nothing, its social engineering techniques are intrusive and, in most cases, annoying because they are used to deliver useless content and redirects to affiliated sites.

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