Totilix is as a malicious email Virus-Worm hybrid that displays message boxes when the computer is booted up at various times throughout the year.
Email-Worm Virus.Win32

Email-Worm Virus.Win32.Totilix

Totilix A and B

Known Variants




Payload (Variant A)

When first run, the virus overwrites every .exe executable (except EMM386.exe and SETVER.exe as well as any executables that are being currently run and are locked by Windows) in the Windows directory. This leads to many of the computer's files such as notepad.exe and calc.exe to become non responsive.

The virus displays the message:

"AV Intelligent Updater:

Please select an email address to send at your friend. Select email address with 'a' only not with 'A'."

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