TeslaCrypt is a ransomware on Microsoft Windows that is quite different from other ransomware programs. Instead of encrypting everything on the computer, it specifically encrypts video game data such as mods, saved data, and games like Team Fortress 2, HUD Files. It asks for a payment of around 0.7 to 2.5 bitcoins to unlock their files. This program copies itself into the AppData\Roaming\ folder to activate. It targets over 180 games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and many more. TelsaCrypt uses C++ and uses AES encryption, and is similar to Cryptolocker, as it uses the same message screen, photo and it names itself "Cryptolocker", meaning that TeslaCrypt may be a heavily modified version of Cryptolocker.

TelsaCrypt isn't as effective and cannot do any real damage to the computer since it only encrypts games that the user can recover easily. If the user does not pay the ransom, It won't delete boot sectors, files or important core folders. It simply affects games.

In May 2016, TeslaCrypt's creators announced that they were done with their sinister activities and offering the master decryption key to the world.


The ransomware hacked a Nascar racing team by the name of Circle-Sport Leavine Family Racing. They were attacked with a version that can encrypt any file.



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