Virus.DOS.Tadpole or Tadpole is a virus that runs on MS-DOS.


Tadpole is a memory resident parasitic virus. It hooks INT 21h and 2Fh, and writes itself to the end of .COM and .EXE files that are executed.

Starting from the 28th of any month, this virus also hooks INT 8 and 9, the keyboard is not active for several minutes, and the virus displays a message and launches a draft image of a tadpole running on the screen.

The message appears as follows:

PHILIPPINES 2000, Greetings!

This tadpole lurks behind your empty mind...
It wriggles thru your brain just to remind:
You ought to have a sense of real concern
On virus strains that plagued, you've got to learn.

What have you done to clean this dirty world?
Have you taken steps on bogus softwares sold?
What have you done to lethal engineers
Who did create those worms and viral smears?

This tadpole lurks behind your empty mind...
If you've done nothin' you will surely find:
This tadpole leaps out of you brainless fools!
To breed a million more of wriggling--- TADPOLES...

Soon, silicon-based artificial life-forms will rule this organic world...
The creator will disavow any knowledge of my actions.
(Sgd) CCCv (c) Outlawed Technology Section, CCC CompE... Hail U.C.!


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