Solaris (or SunSolaris) is a Unix-based operating system originally created by Sun Microsystems.

Sun Microsystems was founded in 1982 and made both Java and Solaris.

Solaris is a barely active operating system that possibly can never can fully compete for a big market-share against industries like Microsoft and Apple. This operating system can be installed fully on a PC without the use of virtualization software. However, the operating system doesn't have much support. This operating system is unique in how it works but it is still a minor operating system but it is competing continuously for its spot in the market. It has soldiered on through tough times, however, less than 0.1% of computers have Solaris installed. This is because Apple and Microsoft are both taking most of the market-share with its vast library of software and games. That is the only reason why it's not as widespread as the more common Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

Solaris would normally be used in businesses, however, virtual machine software like VMware and Virtualbox gave the first straw for Solaris to be used for personal purposes.

Malware history

Solaris had very few viruses due to its programming type, and kernal type. However, in 1998, hackers created Solar Sunrise, one of the only known malicious software on this operating system, it is unknown if there is any other viruses Solaris can have.

Downloading Solaris is the link containing the current Solaris version. Solaris 11.3. This ISO download, is meant for burning onto a CD and installing Solaris on a real computer. However, the ISO may also be used for downloading Solaris on a virtual machine.