Searchassist is a browser hijacker which piggybacks on other downloads from untrusted websites.

It will change the new tab homepage to and opens searchassist on browser start-up. It is stubborn, and if not uninstalled, will repeatedly change the browser tabs and homepage settings. It works with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. It is compatible with only Microsoft Windows and Linux. It can be detected by AdwCleaner, Spyhunter, and Malwarebytes. It is also known to slow down computer performance and cause the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), a screen that causes the computer to restart because of the viruses that come with searchassist. Searchassist, not unlike Vosteran, can have spyware links.

Review sites such as CNET may recommend Searchassist, but many users rate it poorly. Searchassist claims to be a legitimate search engine with great personal results, tempting victims of the hijack, making it one of the hardest hijacks to recognize because the image displayed on Searchassist is very much like a Google Doodle. -640x344
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