Scare.htm, also known as Email-Worm.VBS.Scare is a mass-mailing benign Joke Program, but due to its mass-mailing behaviour, it is considered to be a Worm.


Scare.htm arrives as a .htm file that the user must click to run. Embedded in the HTM is a series of VBS Scripts. The actual webpage itself states this:

This HTML Files needs ActiveX objects to operate. Please click to install ActiveX.


Immediately after loading the page, the VBS scripts are ran. They will vary, but the script will always end with the "Corrupting FAT" message. However, these scripts does absolutely nothing but try to scare the user.


  • Scare.htm is one of the most complex .htm malwares known. It has a massive number of scripts which it can use, but none of them are malicious.




Scare.htm video by Danooct1

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