Satana is a ransomware on Microsoft Windows that encrypts user files and master boot record. It overwrites the MBR to make the user see the ransom note. This ransomware has a incredibly strong encryption. It also can't be decrypted by a decryptor, because you can't access a decryptor without booting into Windows. It has a second version named Satana Unleashed that is even worse.


If started from a non-admin account, the virus triggers a UAC notification that continues popping up until the user selects 'yes'. After the file is executed, the malware lists under %TEMP% with a randomly generated name.

Satana encrypts the files and renders the system to not be rebooted. The files are encrypted with the words 'You Had Bad Luck' in the unleashed version of Satana. The popular antivirus software Comodo does not pick the ransomware up.

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