Sad Computer is a ransomware that allows paying the stated price via Bitcoins or PayPal account.


Sad Computer uses the Advanced Encryption Standard for disabling access to certain types of files and documents. Moreover, each file is left with the .sad appendix and cannot be used until the decryption tool is used – it is capable of breaking through the robust code. The Sad Computer virus developers offer a solution for the encrypted data, they ask for some money for the decryption tool in the sadcomputer_note.txt text document and provide two ways of paying them – via the Bitcoin wallet or PayPal.

Additionally, this ransomware malware brings malicious payload straight into the system and might place it in the \Desktop\User_folders\% TEMP%\ folder. One of the suspicious files placed inside is SadComputer.exe and might be used to launch malware-laden activities on the infected machine.

It displays the following message:

Q: What Happend to my computer?
A: Your Files Have Been Encrypted.

Q: How Do i restore the files?
A: You need to use bitcoin to restore the files.

Q: Can i use other methods?
A: Yes. You can use Paypal.

Q: How can i trust?
A: We dont cheat users. We restore the files.
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