This article is about the ransomware. For the DOS virus, see Sad.

SAD is a file encoder trojan that was reported by computer security researchers on November 3rd, 2017. The threat authors take advantage of the fact that Windows interprets macro scripts as a sequence of user commands since macros are meant to help people automate repetitive tasks. SAD may be aimed at English-speaking users primarily.


The threat payload is delivered to potential victims by using macro-enabled documents attached to spam emails. Usually, the attached documents are presented as messages from a trusted company to trick users into thinking the file is safe to open.

Once SAD is installed, the Trojan runs a scan of the accessible memory storage and determines which files to encrypt. Samples of the Trojan showed that it might use the name 'picture.exe' when it runs on a compromised device.

The threat is reported to use a modified AES-256 cipher and add either the '.' or the '.' extension. The renaming model used by the SAD Ransomware is ../. For example, SAD may rename the encrypted 'Deuterium isotope.pptx' to something like 'Deuterium isotope.pptx.51C51342BC305F401E014AAF44A' and 'Deuterium isotope.pptx.3531433531333432424333303.' Unfortunately, there is no safe way to decrypt the affected data, and the threat creators have programmed their application to drop three messages on the victim's desktop:


These messages serve as ransom notes. SAD may offer help with decrypting your data if you are willing to deliver the payment of 0.3 Bitcoin (2152 USD/1858 EUR) to their wallet address. All three versions of the ransom notification offer the same content:

All of your data(photo, documents, databases,...) have been encrypted with AES 256 bit and a private and unique key generated for this computer.
It means that you will not be able to accsess your files anymore until they´re decrypted.
The private key is stored in our servers and the only way to receive your key to decrypt your files is to pay.
The only one way to decrypt your files is to receive the private key and decryption program.
Dont waste your time. No one will be able to recover tem without our decryption service.
The payment has to be done in Bitcoin to a unique address that we generated for you, Bitcoins are a virtual currency to make online payments.
[edit: followed by instructions on how to obtain Bitcoins]


Sad Ransomware

Sad Ransomware

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