Rensenware - Play game to free data

Rensenware - Play game to free data

Rensenware is a ransomware trojan on Microsoft Windows. It shows a picture of Minamitsu Murasa which is an official artwork from the game and a message which tells the user to play The extremely difficult "Touhou 12 : Unidentified Fantastic Object" to get the user's files back.


This ransomware will encrypt all the files in the computer when the ransomware is executed. After the files are encrypted, the ransomware will display an uncloseable message with the instructions.

This ransomware will crash if it finds some files that cannot be encrypted.

This ransomware doesn't ask for a certain amount of bitcoins, instead, it will tell the user that they need to play Touhou 12: Undefined Fantastic Object in Lunatic difficulty and reach 200 million points to decrypt the data.

This ransomware doesn't delete the encryption key, because it does not have one.

However, the user themselves will need to find the game Touhou because the ransomware doesn't come with it.

Other details

The developer has said that his computer had also been infected during the development. He did not reach a score of 200 million points due to the difficulty of the game, and he uploaded a patch for file decryption and updated the code in GitHub by removing the ransom part but keeping the rest.


The news on ACGdoge (in Chinese): Forces You to Become a Fan of Touhou, the Developer from Korea Requires the User to get 200 million Points for Files Decryption





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