Hoax.Win16.Pornovir or Pornovir, is a Joke program that runs on Microsoft Windows.


When ran, it'll ask the user for their first and last name. When the user enters their first and last name, the screen will go black. Seconds after, it'll display a huge message box with the lines:

The application has stopped responding to the computer.
           A Low level disk format will precede in
         25 seconds if the cancel button is not pressed
                    STORED IN THE DRIVE.

If the user tries to hover to the cancel button, it'll avoid the mouse.

After 25 seconds has passed, the screen will go black again. A few seconds after, purple text will appear saying:

Just Kidding...

After a few seconds, an OK button will appear. If the user clicks on it, the virus will terminate itself, and the user is given full control to their computer.

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