Email-Worm.VBS.Pleh or Pleh (Help spelled backwards) is a email worm written in Virtual Basic Script on Microsoft Windows, which will corrupt files when run.


When the virus is run, it will display the message.

"Read youmustread.txt file :-)"

Of course, with Notepad itself being corrupted, it is impossible for the user to read. When the user then tries to run any of their files or open the text document, it will claim it is not a valid Win32 application. If the user navigates through to C:\Windows\Look Here\youmustread.txt in the Safe Mode DOS-Prompt it will print the following message (in broken English) when the user types "type youmus~1.txt" :

"Hello!It so pity that i cant look at your face now,and do you know why ,because your machine was infected by Lynx[RAtm].Worm.Regards from Od."

The virus then adds a deltree command to autoexec.bat, causing all files to be erased from the hard drive on the next boot.

Spreading Routine

Before the machine is rendered useless it will send a single email, saying the following:

Subject: "I hate you"

Body: "i think that you must see this file ,i insist." [Copy of the worm sent with monicker "Help.VBS"]


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