PUBG Ransomware is a ransomware that runs on Microsoft Windows which encrypts files, videos, images, music, and documents, and demands that the user play PUBG for 1 hour if they wants their files back. Although this Ransomware is named after the popular video game PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds), it is not affiliated with them.


When the infected file is executed and opened, PUBG Ransomware will encrypt the user's files, videos, images, music, and documents. The ransom note tells users to play PUBG for 1 hour in order to restore their files, rather than paying money.


The popular malware blog BleepingComputer reported that PUBG (Ransomware) could decrypt files if a user played a game called PUBG.

The popular YouTubers Siam Alam and The PC Security Channel both made videos about the ransomware.


Bleeping Computer -


PUBG Ransomware

PUBG Ransomware

The PUBG Ransomware Demonstration

The PUBG Ransomware Demonstration

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