PDFSpark is a program for Mac that installs other programs and collects information about the user instead of being a useful PDF tool.


When users install PDFSpark willingly, during the installation, other unwanted applications get bundled alongside the installer. However, typically users install these types of applications unintentionally and without knowledge. It mostly happens when they visit deceptive sites or get their program from questionable sources like p2p services.

Unfortunately, all potentially unwanted programs including PDFSpark can access various information about the user:

  • IP address;
  • online browsing preferences;
  • search queries;
  • most visited sites;
  • location;
  • details about the software, equipment used.

This information gets tracked and collected due to the relation between PDFSpark and advertisers. Commercial content creators later use this data to make advertisements more geared towards viewers and their online habits. Personalized ads make sure that the promoted content is purchased and pages get more views to monetize.

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