PC Optimizer Pro is a famous rogue optimization tool on Microsoft Windows.

Information and Details

PC Optimizer Pro also creates a fake speedup feature, which installs more potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) and collects the user's information. Much like the now-viral and iconic adware BonziBUDDY, PC Optimizer Pro has received large amounts of attention after several high-profile internet live streamers messed around with it, most very famously Joel from Vinesauce. At times it is also misinterpreted as System Optimizer Pro. It also asks the user to pay for the license from them. Due to the website being blocked for a long time, PC Optimizer Pro created some mirrors (identical sites providing the download).

It can be installed from various third-party software bundlers or manually installed from their website. While installing, it drops the following components to the C:\Program Files\Optimizer Pro or to C:\Users\<NAME>\AppData\Roaming\<randomletters>\:

  • Optimizer.exe
  • 1984981189321.exe
  • Optimizer.dll
  • SecurityAddon.dll

It also creates a folder in the C:\WINDOWS\ directory, called "System64" and drops a text document called Bootfile.txt, which is used to collect the user's data.

It also scares the user with fake scan results, such as saying that the user has 1350 viruses even when the user doesn't have any malware at all. It then tells the user that they need to upgrade to the full version by paying the license to remove the issues.

Prank Calls

Due to the website having a call centre and a "technical support" number, many people have prank called them and recorded it on YouTube or streamed it on Twitch just to get the scammers mad, most notably Vargskelethor Joel from Vinesauce in his "Windows 8 Destruction" stream. Technical support is not helpful and, like the software itself, is, in fact, a scam. They will hang up when asked how to remove the software from your computer.

  • However, on the site, there is a page explaining how to remove it.


To remove the Rogue Antivirus, you can simply go into the control panel and click uninstall. Malwarebytes will also do the job. Around 50 issues may pop up with PUPs. Once they're quarantined just reboot the computer.




On 9th of February, a leak was discovered by Enderman, where you could log in as the admin of the site by entering a single space in both username and password section. After logging in you could manage licenses or create one, also HTML is enabled in the cmt and second email-field, so videos, viruses, Pop-Ups and more can be embedded.

As of 03/20/2020 you will see an gif from Adolf Hitler at the license-search from the E-Mail of Enderman.

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