Virus.MSWord.Odious or Odious, or Odious.F is a virus that runs on Microsoft Word on Microsoft Windows.


When the file is run, it disables the Ctrl+Break key combination. It does this to prevent the possibility of stopping macros. It also prevents the displaying of any prompt or alert messages using the property of object Application "DisplayAlerts". If Visual Basic Editor is displayed during the execution of this virus, or if the installed Word version is Word 2002, it modifies the file "autoexec.bat" in order to delete all files on the disk, but fails due to a bug in the virus writing. Futhermore, the payload doesn't have effect in Windows NT. It overwrites "autoexec.bat" with this line (detected as BAT.Odious.34):

deltree C:\*.* /y

If the payload does not activate, the virus infects every open document and the normal template injecting a module called "HATE_A". It contains the body of the virus, and its spreading routine.


Odious.E is a variant of the virus Odious. It display a message box like this when run:

Dont Pannic This is an unDamage Virus - It was modified By Us To do no harm!!!

It creates on hard disk the file "hate_h.vir". It contains these strings:

Your Office is infected with hate_h virus

It doesn't try to destroy the computer.





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