NewLove (also known as Email-Worm.VBS.Newlove) is a dangerous polymorphic worm on Microsoft Windows. The worm sneaks on security scanners and targets all files on the hard disk. It spreads via email. This worm is one of the most dangerous worms, as it can fully disable the computer and render it unusable.

This worm is similar to the Love Letter worm, due to its name.


When opened, the worm mails itself, inside the mail, there is only a file attachment, which is the worm itself. In this process, the worm appears to gain more kilobytes, the worm is also protected from being edited with Notepad.

The worm then spreads itself in the computer, overwriting almost every file in the PC with copies of the worm, but all files keep their names. Files that have been overwriten have 0 bytes.

If the computer is rebooted, the computer is unable to boot up, because the worm has overwriten the startup files. The only way to get rid of the worm is with a repair CD, or a complete factory reset of the PC.

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