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MyWebSearch, also known as MyWay Speedbar, MyWay Searchbar, MyAllSearch Search Assistant, MyWay Search Assistant or MyWeb Searchbar, is a spyware and search toolbar program that allows the user to query Google, Ask, Yahoo!, and LookSmart search engines. HP and Dell pre-install this software on some of their commercially sold PCs.[1][2][3] It is also bundled with some versions of Kazaa.[4] It is also a part of the FunWebProducts suite of utilities such as Smiley Central, Webfetti, Cursor Mania, My Mail Stationary, My Mail Signature, My Mail Stamps, FunBuddyIcons,

From an independent repair lab, it is classified as a nuisance or PUP to be extreme. Though it doesn't have any malware attributes, it can cause slowdowns in return for features that are already built into many modern web browsers. Uninstallation is recommended simply because it just isn't needed. The search engine also pretends to be from Google.


How MyWebSearch Infects Your Computer

How MyWebSearch Infects Your Computer


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