MrsMajor.exe (also known as BossDaMajor.exe) is a trojan for Microsoft Windows created by Elektro Berkay.

The trojan recieved notoriety after Siam Alam made a video about this trojan. It had later had a better version called MrsMajor2.exe which was featured in Siam Alam's video too.


MrsMajor, also known as BossDaMajor is a trojan for Microsoft Windows. It originates from Turkey and it was created in 2017.

Strangely enough, even though the virus itself is called MrsMajor, the executable is called bossdamajor.exe.


After the user has run the virus, Windows Media Player is opened and the system has restarted.

Windows Media Player shows a video of the mrs.major game. the game is a scary maze. it shows a room of the maze with a green tint and then comes a 'scareface'. The wallpaper is later changed to schemes and the icons also to schemes. After it is fully loaded, there is a flashing and moving image of a scary doll named "Mrs. Major" on the screen. A League of Legends song, Thresh's Theme, plays after the image appears.

A version 2.0 of the virus exists and includes rules. One of the rules tells users to not use Task Manager to end the virus. If the user attempts to open Task Manager, then a message stating "T" will appear. 

If the user breaks the rules, there will be a RSoD (Red Screen of Death) screen telling the user they broke the rules of the virus. The error code is "TROJANS_NEVER_JOKE_RESPECT_THE_TROJANS", which may be telling the user that this piece of malware is a Trojan. If the user shuts down their PC while the virus is running, the virus will trash the operating system by deleting some boot files. 



MrsMajor.exe Horrific Computer Malware FMV 17

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