MediaFire is a file sharing website that works the same as MEGA or so. The popular file sharing platform is very popular and used by many.

When a virus is in attempt to be uploaded, MediaFire will block the download in attempts of protection.


MediaFire is not very dangerous and has a very low status of malware.

MediaFire uses ads and popups just like Ad.Fly, these can be blocked with a popup blocker and adblocker.

These redirects usually redirect to a random website depending on where the user lives, it commonly redirects to a giveaway scam, or just closes the popup instantly.


MediaFire has had several cases of malware being shared and hidden within archive files.

Around 2015, they scanned files before uploading them publicly to prevent further malware uploads.

As well, they added a copyright protection to things containing a keygen or crack.

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