Maya (also known as Virus.MSWord.Maya) is a mass-mailing macro worm on Microsoft Windows. It spreads via email. It is a Microsoft Word virus, meaning it uses exploits in Microsoft Word to infect the computer.

Maya is also a worm/virus hybrid, as it has a payload that is similar to both types of malware.


When the user opens the email, the subject reads: "Hi man, it's [name of user of PC]", when the email is opened, it has text that reads:

This is the new net Story
It's great

The email also has a file attachment, which is the virus itself. When the file is opened, the worm then attempts to mass-mail itself through Outlook. The worm also attempts to spam itself in mIRC, so everytime the user joins an mIRC chat, the worm overwrites the mIRC script file, and then sends the Maya.doc file, instead of sending the user.

A different payload activates the fifth of every month, every time the user closes an infected document, a message displays instead, the message says:

Coded by PetiK (c)2001

The worm also discourages the user from viewing the worm's source code. When the macro code is attempted to be looked at, a message pops up, and says:

Curiosity is bad
With her small size
Maya is alwayas there

However, despite this message, the user can still look at the macro code. The macro code appears to have code at the end that disables the mouse, so if the user reboots, the mouse will be stuck.

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