This page is a policy on the Malware Wiki. All rules listed on this policy page must be followed, or a block is given to the following user. Due to this page being a Policy page, we advise all users to read this page before editing.
This text uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Several Wikis.

The Malware wiki site policies are expected to be followed. Not reading them is no excuse for breaking them. Read this page before editing any page or commenting.



  1. Spam, post external links excessively, or use excessive uppercase
  2. Harass other users for any reason, including discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, or orientation
  3. Constantly dispute or counter productively edit-war
  4. Bash or threaten a user.
  5. Plagiarize or post information without a source
  6. Post mature content, including profanity and sexually explicit content. Profanity can only be used if used only 1 time, more times if it's a more common profane word. (Ex. Damn)
  7. Vandalize or make unconstructive edits.
  8. Join the wiki without being 12 or older, this is an exception if the user is mature and is 11 years old.
  9. Advertise for one's business.
  10. Badge game, which entails making unconstructive, or excessive, edits for badges.
  11. Edit other user pages besides your own (unless the user gives you permission to)
  12. Remove content from pages (except when you know that it is false). That is vandalism.
  13. Make hoax articles

Breaking any of the rules above may lead to consequences such as a block.


If you break a rule, you will not be blocked immediately. You will recieve a warning first. These explain how the warnings are given.

  1. If you break a rule once, a warning will be given.
  2. If you break a rule again, a warning will again be given.
  3. If you break the rule thrice, you will be blocked.
  • Please note if you are an underage user you will be blocked immediately without warning.


This text uses Creative Commons Licensed content from iCarly Wiki.

Repeating one kind of offense after a ban expires will lead to the next ban being raised to the next level.

Week long bans

  1. Using warning templates without being an admin, chat mod, or rollback.
  2. Profanity.
  3. Making edits that only have the purpose to get awards. This includes the adding of categories. Seven categories for one page usually is enough.
  4. Repeatedly editing another user's user page without being asked to (Unless you're fixing minor errors).
  5. Making unneeded pages of fake viruses etc.

One month bans

  1. Removing large amounts of content from pages that don't need content removed.
  2. Harassment. This includes:
    1. Insulting someone's race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other part of their person.
    2. Constantly picking fights with one specific person. If it is not clear WHO starts the fights, both will be blocked.
    3. Constantly butting in on discussions despite repeatedly being asked to stay out of discussions of a similar style.
  3. Repeatedly inserting information without a source. Since Wikipedia is just a giant wiki, it is NOT accepted as reliable unless it references a link to a reliable, valid source.
  4. Bashing any song, person, or album.

Three month bans

  1. Replacing content on pages with insulting phrases

Six month bans

  1. Any continuous repeat offense from the three-month bans as listed will result in a six-month ban
  2. If found guilty from lying about a severe health issue and/or death. The said user will be blocked for up to six months and the blogs, comments and such will be deleted immediately.

Permanent bans

  1. Inserting sexually explicit images or text, or links to porn.
  2. Plagiarism of another user's blogs.
  3. Spamming links to external websites (unless they are links to related fansites).
  4. User under the age of 12. (If the user is mature and makes good edits, and if the user is 11, the user won't be banned.)