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Sample Page for Malware

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Hint: To introduce a new section, type == before the title.

For example "==Example==" (Source Mode Only)

Hint: Most of MalwareInfobox fields are self explanatory, if you are not sure of any field do not fill it in!


  |name = <Malware Common Name>
  |image = <Image>
  |type = <Malware Type>
  |creator = <Creator Name>
  |date = <Month Name> <Date>, <Year>
  |origin = <Place Malware Created>
  |pl = <Programming Language>
  |platform = <Platform>
  |filetype = <File Type>
  |aka = <Malware Full Name>
  |family = <Variant, Version, or Family>
  |fsize = <File Size>
  |size = <Infection Size>
  |cost = <Total Damage Caused>}}

<Malware Full Name> or <Malware Common Name> is a <type> that <details>.

<Malware Common Name> <Full Details>
<Aliases from Antivirus Database>
<gallery widths=400>File Name Here</gallery>
<Website Name>, [<Website Link> <Website Link Name>]

Example Preview:

HTML.Malware or Malware [Hint: Start with both technical name and common name, and put bold on both] is a self-replicating worm that spreads through retrievable domain names. It is part of the Malware Wiki family.

[Hint: To do an internal link, put double brackets around the page name. For example CIH]

[Hint: Start with a brief introduction of the virus, but do not spoil the payload]


Hint: To introduce a sub-section, type three = signs instead of two. To make a sub-section of that add four and so on...

When run, the file will look in the computer's Hard Drive for .doc and .docx files and attach a macro to them, which will delete them upon opening.

Spreading Routine

Hint: To add a gray field, simply leave a space at the beginning of the line on Source mode

The virus will spread itself through MS Outlook and retrievable domains.

Subject: Check this out!
Message Body: Check out this epic Flash game, you'll love it!
Attachment: Ex1.html 



Hint: To introduce external links, type a single bracket, followed by the URL and then the display text.
For example: [ Google] will appear as Google. Try to avoid using links, please use tinyurl with a PREVIEW link. Otherwise, it will be deleted on sight. 



  • To protect the Wiki from the Law and Wikia, all pages that contain how to parts about getting the malware to work (Exception of DOS) and dangerous websites that are still online must have the {{NotResponsible}} Template.

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Sample Page for software

Some pages, are software pages, either antivirus or some other kind of protection. Here is how to properly format one:

{{Infobox Software
   |name= (software name)
   |logo= (software logo (image must be uploaded to the wiki))
   |image= (software image (image must be uploaded to the wiki))
   |caption= (image caption)
   |author= (person who made the software)
   |developer= (company/team who made the software)
   |latestreleaseversion_date= (current version of software)
   |programlanguage= (programming language software was made in)
   |os= (operating system(s) software is available in)
   |language= (langauge(s) software is available in)
   |status= (if the software is still alive, or if it was discontinued)
   |type= (the type of software ex. antivirus)
   |license= (license type of the software)
   |url= (website/download page for the software)

(software name) is a (the type of software ex. antivirus) that (details).



Antivirus Is a German-based antivirus made by Wikia. [hint: Start with name, then, detail where the software was made in, and what company/person made it.]

[Hint: To do an internal link, put double brackets around the page name. For example CIH]

[Hint: Start with the details of the software, starting with functions.]


[Hint: Use small headers to section each function]


The firewall protects the user [hint: use "the user" not "you"] from certain websites, so only trusted websites can be accessed. Ex. Google.

Safe mode with protection

If the user gets a dangerous virus, the user can reboot into Safe mode with protection, so the user is protected and can easily get rid of the virus.


[hint: take some screenshots of the software, then, upload them to the wiki, and add them using a gallery. the basic syntax for a gallery is: <gallery> (imagename).(imagefiletype)|(caption) </gallery>

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