Worm:Win32/Mabezat.A or Mabezat is a worm on Microsoft Windows that attempts to spread by copying itself to newly attached media devices, such as USB drives or USB media cards, and even writable network drives. In some samples, Win32/Mabezat can also infect .EXE files by prepending its code to the host file.


  • Worm:Win32/Mabezat.A (Microsoft)
  • Worm.Win32.Mabezat.a (Kaspersky)
  • W32/VBTroj.ILP (Norman)
  • W32/Mabezat-A (Sophos)
  • W32.Mabezat.A (Symantec)
  • PE_MABEZAT (Trend Micro)
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