Trojan.Android.Koler or Koler is a trojan that runs on the Android operating system. The icon appears to be a police page with a "@" and text.


Koler Android Trojan

Koler Android Trojan

This trojan is obtained by a pop-up APK, usually while browsing for legal pornographic content. When the redirect leads to the pop-up, the Koler trojan will automatically download. If the user runs the file, it will install, and, appears similar to the "BaDoink" client, which then runs automatically. It has illegal content in the application and device administrator permissions. Similar to FBI Moneypak, this will lock the user's phone, prompting them to either face 5 to 11 years in prison or a fine of $300 paid via MoneyPak. However, this program is not the police and the police will never make anyone pay in the form of MoneyPak. Upon auto-download, the user should not install the application and the user should report the link to the IC3 or Google. Though sometimes it doesn't function correctly and instead keeps on changing the angle of the screen(Possibly on some emulators)

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