Not to be confused with the similar software KingRoot.

Kingo Root, sometimes known as One Tap Root is an application and PUP used for the process of rooting Android devices. It is available both as an .apk that can be installed on the user's device or an .exe for Microsoft Windows where the user connects their device to their computer and attempts to root their device.


Kingo Root is not available for download from the Google Play Store due to Google not supporting root on Android and recognizing it as malware. If a user wants to use it, they have to install it via an .apk file downloaded from the internet. Upon attempting to install, a alert will pop up from Google Play warning the user that Kingo Root is dangerous. The alert can be ignored.

When attempting to root via the Android .apk, there will be a checkbox that is automatically marked, which reads 'Install recommended app'. Even if the user unchecks the box, Kingo Root will sometimes install another app anyway.

If the user tries to root via the PC version, it will give a few offers for other applications that may be adware or PUPs.

No evidence has been found that Kingo Root is directly harmful to Android devices, but it is recognized as harmful by Google Play Protect and Malwarebytes. There is a small chance that attempting to root a device via Kingo Root will result in the device becoming bricked or stuck in a bootloop, in which the phone will simply show the boot screen over and over again.


Kingo Root is well recognized as being one of the easiest and best rooting software available, along with KingRoot.

On the official website, several other applications are offered including 'Onion Browser' and 'Pure Cleaner', both of which are able to be downloaded from the Play Store unlike Kingo Root.

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