Not to be confused with the similar popular software Kingo Root.

KingRoot is a application, PUP and potential spyware designed for rooting Android devices. It is available both as an .apk that can be installed on the user's device or an .exe for Microsoft Windows where the user connects their device to their computer and attempts to root their device.


KingRoot is not available for download from the Google Play Store due to Google not supporting root on Android and recognizing it as malware. If a user wants to use it, they have to install it via an .apk file downloaded from the internet. Upon attempting to install, a alert will pop up from Google Play warning the user that KingRoot is dangerous. The alert can be ignored.

KingRoot is well recognized as being one of the easiest and best '1 Tap Root' software available, along with Kingo Root.

Several users claim that KingRoot steals users' data and sends it to China or Russia. It is unknown if it is really true, but it is known that once users have rooted using KingRoot, it blocks uninstalling itself and blocks installation or proper use of SuperSU, and also sends the user's IMEI to an unknown address. It can be quite difficult to remove the software from a device once rooted.

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