Joshi is a boot sector virus from 1990 on DOS that infects hard drives and floppy disks.

It was made by Vikram Harishchandra Joshi, a CNC Instrument and software engineer in Gujarat / Nadiad.

Mr Vikram Joshi's Birthday is at 1st May. but the interesting part is that it has date format of DD/MM/YY (Means 1-may-1956) as Indian standard Format but as usa standard format is MM/DD/YY So it Change with 1-may to 5-Jan ). he send some CNC Machine to abroad and date format is change DD-MM-YY to MM-DD-YY...:)

he is still live Live in Nadiad-Guajarat.

his contact no : +91 924444848 / 9898914532


When the system is booted with a disk infected with Joshi, the virus will become resident in memory and takes up about 6,000 bytes. The virus infects the partition tables of hard disks. It also infects any floppy disks that are accessed while the virus is resident.

On hard disks, the rest of the virus would be stored at track 0, sectors 2 to 6. The original partition table will be stored at track 0, sector 9. On floppies, it will be at 41, sectors 1 to 5 on 360 kilobyte disks and track 81, sectors 1 to 5 on 1.2 megabyte disks.

It causes any attempt to format the disk to fail with a "bad track 0" error. In addition, it protects its sectors from being overwritten by the Stoned virus. Any attempts to read the boot sector will be redirected to the copy of the boot sector.

On January 5th ( actually date is 1st may Indian Date format ) of any year, the screen will turn green and the text "Type Happy Birthday Joshi" will appear. The system will not respond until "Happy Birthday Joshi" is typed.


The virus originated in India, and managed to spread to Africa. It may have also made it to Germany and other parts of Europe and America.

This virus's payload is also used in ResonateII, except the message is "Happy Birthday Dan" in reference to danooct1.


The virus gets its name from the text it displays and demands the user type on their screen. It also gets its name from the creator. This virus has also been called "Joshua" probably because of the similarities between the names Joshua and Joshi. Joshi is a relatively common family name in India.

The virus was created in India.


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