Hitler is a ransomware on Microsoft Windows originating from Germany found in 2016. There are three known variants of it.


When Hitler is activated, a message pops up claiming:  "This is the Hitler-Ransonware. (sic) Your files was encrypted! Do you decrypt your files?" It then demands payment of €25 in Vodafone mobile phone gift vouchers and gives the victim one hour to pay with a timer. If they don't, the computer crashes with a Blue Screen of Death and all files are deleted in the user profile folders.[1]

Despite this, the files aren't actually encrypted, but a script runs to make people think it is. It is speculated that it was created only as a test as the batch file contains the words "This is a Test" in German.[2]

A later version called "Hitler 2" was released that corrected the spelling of 'ransomware' and removed the countdown timer.[3] A third version called "The Final Solution" was also created.  


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