Virus.Win32.Halen.2593 or Halen is a virus that runs on Microsoft Windows 32-bit OS.


Halen is a benign non-memory resident parasitic polymorphic Win32 virus. When activated, the virus displays the following:

 This is win32. Halen, a PE infector created by pxr[MIONS]

It searches for PE EXE and SCR files in Windows, the Windows system and current directories, then writes itself to the end of the file.

On Saturdays at 19:00 Greenwich Mean Time(GMT), the virus displays a message box:

 Your system was fucked by win32. Halen. Written by pxr[MIONS]

It then slowly moves the screen image to the right.


Halen Windows Virus

Halen Windows Virus

Halen Windows Virus by TomKTW



Virus.Win32.Halen.2593 by Alles

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