Griyo is a member from 29A.


Griyo started working with computers at the age of 8. He began making money at it by disabling the copy protection on games and selling them at the "rastro", a flea market for software pirates. Griyo learned game programming and worked for some Spanish companies in this area until going to university.

Griyo was dissatisfied with computer education in Spain, which focused mostly on application programming and managment rather than systems. Coding viruses allowed him to learn about computers at the level he wanted. He joined 29A after being contacted by Mister Sandman.

Over time, Griyo learned learned several programming languages, including a few different types of processor assembly (Z80, Motorola 68000 series, Intel 8086 and 80x86 families), C++, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, SQL, Pro-C, Java, HTML and some others. His preference was for Assembly and C++.



  • All of his viruses are named after real diseases.
  • His name translates to "Optimised"
  • He was also a DJ in his free time.