Not to be confused with the similar typosquatting website, Googe. was a typosquatting site for made in 2004. It would appear if a user mistyped the domain ""

The website was active from 2004 to 2008. Once it was accessed, the domain would instantly download several viruses and other malware and start to spam pop-ups, some of which containing pornographic imagery. In addition to the malware it downloaded on the victim's computer, it used the WMF exploit to install the rogue antivirus SpySheriff. All the malware together had the potential to damage the computer severely and may require the victim to re-install their operating system, losing all of their files and data on the computer. In 2006, the site was used as a video/ad for McAfee SiteAdvisor (Now McAfee WebAdvisor) by Greg Bertrand.

Site History


The Site was featured in a McAfee SiteAdvisor (Now McAfee WebAdvisor) video/ad by Greg Bertrand as "Spyware Rubbernecking" in which the person in the video goes to The song used in the video is Stipendium Peccati. It was uploaded on September 29th, 2006 by YouTube User Shane Keats. However, the McAfee ad is the only known documented video in 2006.


It became a survey in which a user could take in order to win popular gadgets, such as an iPhone or an iPad. Although this may have been a scam, the survey was taken down in either 2012 or 2013.


The survey was brought back, but instead of the free iPhone scam at the end, it redirects the user to a "free movie" phishing website based in Cyprus. However, if the visitor removes everything after "registration" in the URL for that site, it turns out to actually be a game host. It is unable to infect iOS devices, however.

In late 2016, the site was turned into a shopping site, although all of its entries would just redirect to Amazon entries.


Google bought the domain and thus, now redirects to Google, but the domain later appeared to be dead since there was nothing on its HTML data other than the word "goggle" anymore.


It used to redirect to, which is either a shut-down web page, a fake Adobe Flash Update, or a survey scam that depends on the region the user lives in.

As of August 2019, it will redirect depending on the region the user lives in. In the United States, it will currently redirect to A "Top 5 Meal Delivery Service” Comparison website. making it, for now, an inactive virus. In some areas, it will take the user to a holding page with nothing but the text “ Inc.” on the top left.

In September 2019, the redirect code in the HTML disappeared, and it now only shows, Inc in the top left with no styling.


  • and is blacklisted (excluded) from the Wayback Machine.


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