A version of the lock screen.

FBI Moneypak is a ransomware on Microsoft Windows much like Cryptolocker. FBI Moneypak will lock the computer allegedly due to involvement in illicit activities. It "reports" that the user is downloading or distributing copyrighted material and other adult content just like the Metropolitan Police Scam.

To be able to unlock the PC, FBI Moneypak demands the user to pay a penalty ranging from $100 to as high as $500 within 24 to 96 hours. This ransomware only accepts Moneypak payment method that the user can purchase from selected convenience and retail stores.

Moneypak is very similar to a credit card, however, it has a pre-loaded amount of money that the user can use to buy things and purchase online.

Despite claiming to be from the FBI, it is in fact a scam and not run by the FBI.

In 2012, the FBI published advice relating to the FBI MoneyPak virus.


If FBI Moneypak infiltrates the user's computer, it denies their access instantly. Suffering from a locked PC denotes that the trojan has already altered the user's registry. This ransomware also drops harmful files onto the user's hard drive. With some components hidden on the system, there is no easy way to remove the FBI Moneypak ransomware.
FBI Moneypak Virus removal without using safe mode - best method

FBI Moneypak Virus removal without using safe mode - best method.

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