Elite is a virus on Android systems. It attempts to wipe out data from the user's SD card assuming it is inserted. Elite is a Non-wild or "Zoo" virus created to explore Android limits.


Once Elite is installed, it instantly formats all data found on the user's SD card. It then executes random SMS payments to drain money from the user's credit card account. According to the permissions that Elite requires, Elite runs itself from start-up, so when the phone is restarted, Elite will launch and delete all files from the SD card again.

It will hide the app icon from app launcher as well as recent categories. This means that the user cannot uninstall the app.

The virus has a deep watch which allows it to see all of the user's recently opened programs. This allows it to remain unseen on the user's device. This makes it hard for some antiviruses to detect.


A user by the name of harshalbenake on GitHub released an antivirus program called Hellboy that removes Elite and then deletes itself.



Android.Elite (Android Malware)

Android.Elite (Android Malware)

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