DoubleLocker is a ransomware that runs on Android. DoubleLocker is based on the foundations of a particular banking Trojan, known for misusing accessibility services of the Android operating system. DoubleLocker doesn’t have the functions related to harvesting users’ banking credentials and wiping out their accounts. Instead, it has received two powerful tools for extorting money from its victims.


DoubleLocker spreads in the very same way as its banking parent does. It is distributed mostly as a fake Adobe Flash Player through compromised websites.


DoubleLocker can change the device’s PIN, preventing victims from accessing their devices, and also encrypts the data it finds in them.

DoubleLocker, once executed on the device, creates two reasons for the victims to pay.

First, it changes the device’s PIN, effectively blocking the victim from using it. The new PIN is set to a random value which the attacks neither store nor send anywhere, so it’s impossible for the user or a security expert to recover it. After the ransom is paid, the attacker can remotely reset the PIN and unlock the device.

Second, DoubleLocker encrypts all files from the device’s primary storage directory. It utilizes the AES encryption algorithm, appending the extension “.cryeye”.

The ransom has been set to 0.0130 BTC (approximately USD 54 at time of writing) and the message highlights that it must be paid within 24 hours. If the ransom is not paid, the data will remain encrypted and will not be deleted.

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