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Doomjuice is a variant of the Mydoom computer worm, in two variants known as Doomjuice.A or Doomjuice.B. It infects Microsoft Windows utilization on the ports left open by the Mydoom.A and Mydoom.B worms. This worm also launches a Denial of Service (DdoS) attack on the Microsoft website.


When Doomjuice runs, it copies itself to the %System% or %temp% directory. The worm also adds a value to one of the following registry keys:


The data in this registry value references the created copy of the worm. This value causes the worm to run when Windows starts.

Doomjuice may create the file sync-src-1.00.tbz in the following locations:

  • root of all fixed drives c-z
  •  %Windows%
  •  %System%
  •  %Temp%



Doomjuice.B is a worm that was found on 11th of February. This one also attacks against


Doomjuice.C is a worm which spreads by exploiting a backdoor installed by W32/MyDoom-A. 


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